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We invite researchers and developers to participate in our monthly events, in which we discuss state of the art and advances on Blockchain Technology.


Our talks are 100% technology-focused and do NOT cover legal or economic implications. The technical complexity of the talks varies from topic to topic. If you want to dive into this awesome technology, then this is the meetup for you!


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Blockchain programming

Smart contract exploits and bugs

Physical keys/security

User Experience in the blockchain world, or how to make a product fun and easy to use without sacrificing security

2018 Crypto Valley Conference

Workshops: Consensus Protocols, Decentralized Applications, Smart Contract Security

Live Stream

Next Livestream: Off-chain scaling solutions for permissionless blockchains

By Dr. Arthur Gervais

Date: 18.1.2018 // Time: 7:00pm CET // Duration: 60min
Slides: Download // Related: Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, Doc4, Doc5, Doc6, Doc7


Open and decentralized blockchains, are blockchains where any participant can join and leave the network at any time. Unfortunately, permissionless blockchains feature a very low transaction throughput of about 10 to 100 transactions per second and each transaction typically requires minutes to confirm.
Besides sharding designs, different off-chain payment designs have been proposed as a solution to scaling both costs and speed. An off-chain transaction is one that is not carried out over the blockchain, but over an out-of-band Internet connection, while the transaction is still secured by the blockchain. In this talk, we highlight the different off-chain payment designs, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each design. To this extend, we will for example discuss Lightning, Raiden, TumbleBit and the Liquidity.Network.


The Team

The Team behind Crypto Valley Coders

David von Rickenbach Lead David is Co-Chair of the technology working group and innovation lead at Thomson Reuters.
Vasily Suvorov Co-Organizer Vasily is Vice President of the Crypto Valley Association and CTO of Luxoft.
René Hüsler Co-Organizer René is member of the Crypto Valley board and director of the school of information technology at Lucerne.
Alexander Denzler Alexander Denzler Co-Organizer Alex is chair of the technology working group and lecturer at the school of information technology Lucerne.

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